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Driving Innovation and Digital Transformation through Open Labs

We support a conceptual modelling community of organizations and individuals with tools, knowledge and education. Open to all application domains, we use Enterprise Modelling, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things to enable model-driven value creation in disruptive business models, digital products, innovative processes and IT-architectures.

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Bork, D., Buchmann, R. A., Karagiannis, D., Lee, M., & Miron, E. (2019). An Open Platform for Modeling Method Conceptualization: The OMiLAB Digital Ecosystem. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 44.


Creating opportunities through science, technology and community

We are a non-profit organization which envisions an active global community for conceptual modelling that benefits from open artefacts to enable innovation and solutions for the transformation of society, business and industries. We provide knowledge, open technologies and expertise to all those who value models. Together with the international OMiLAB innovator community we foster a network of open labs for the Digital Transformation.

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The OMiLAB Book Series

Presents domain-specific conceptual modelling work of thought leaders who designed and deployed a specific modelling method. Each method is also available as a free modelling tool on

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The NEMO Summer Schools

An international short term educational program, NEMO provides a highly-interactive environment where students meet a large number of renowned academics and work in small teams to create solutions to reald-world problems.

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MM-DSL Toolkit

CoChaCo supports the development of meta-models of any kind, allowing to describe their structure and utilization.

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The DigiFoF Project

DigiFoF is an Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance project where academia and industry work together to facilitate knowledge creation and transfer as well as education on design skills for Factories of the Future.

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Bee-Up for Education

Bee-up is a ready-to-use free educational tool for hands-on learning of conceptual modelling, aiding students in the process of mastering this complex learning task.

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ADOxx Metamodelling Platform

In partnership with regular training sessions on platform-specific modelling tool engineering are provided for free for the community.

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Community Benefits


in joint projects, artefacts and educational programs.


in strong, sustainable standards with domain-specific interests.


research and educational agendas related to conceptual modelling.


through international events, publications and activities.


through research, training and internships.


to software, infrastructure and open-source services.