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Our Philosophy

OMiLABOpen Models Initiative LABoratory

We support an active global community for conceptual modelling who benefits from open artefacts. To this end we act as a facilitator to the development of scientific methods and technologies for all those who value models. In addition we act as a platform, where participants can bring in ideas related to modelling and engage in the exploration process.

We follow a user-driven approach in our understanding of the term “model”, recognizing that there are useful models in widely different domains like information technology, biology, chemistry or medicine, as well as various functional areas like procurement, marketing, logistics and engineering.

Our organization contributes structurally to the community through a worldwide network of OMiLAB Nodes as well as a variety of resources, like:

  • Knowledge and procedures (e.g. domain-independent methodologies, trainings and documentation)
  • Technology (e.g. open source software and services), and through
  • Community building activities.
Our Philosophy
Educational institutions, digital innovation hubs, research and innovation and non-profit organizations concerns are our primary beneficiaries.


We are open to all individuals and organisation for membership and contribution, to all domains and functional areas or organisations as well as to the use of content and technology through free or open copyright licenses.

Model-driven value creation through the interplay of science, technology and application in specific domains is key. Value is demonstrated by the impact and adoption of models in communities of practice.

Our members are self-governed. They steer the organization’s activities through a Scientific Advisory Board and actively contribute to the network.

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How to become an OMiLAB member?

Nodes are local hubs stimulating the regional impact of the OMiLAB community. They feature a physical and virtual infrastructure, attract contributors and members from their area of influence and increase the global visibility and impact of the network.

Nodes may focus on specific research topics as long as their work bears relation to conceptual modelling. Current Nodes are located in Europe and Asia .

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Associated Partners are institutions who join the OMiLAB NPO and who are interested to leverage their activities to the international OMiLAB community and beyond. Benefits include name listing, usage of OMiLAB identity items, free participation in trainings, free use of the online OMiLAB infrastructure, dissemination and communication activities, and participation in network events. Associated partners include OMiLAB-related actions in their research and educational activities. These may comprise projects, publications, research projects, various events, courses, the NEMO Summer School and graduation works. Formal cooperation commences with the signature of a cooperation agreement.

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Individuals, research groups or communities of practice with no formal organizational structure in relation to OMiLAB are welcome to initiate, lead, participate and contribute in an OMiLAB Node project at any stage. They can become active in the exploitation of results as well as in advancing research, education or community impact. Cooperation is open.

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How to become an OMiLAB member?