ADOxx Metamodelling Platform

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ADOxx Platform Trainings

OMiLAB community members benefit from free ADOxx Platform Trainings, which are provided by our partner the team. Typically held four times a year in Vienna or upon request at a community member’s location the thbundlree day training programme teaches method- and software engineers in the basics of coding on ADOxx.

The interactive training sessions enable participants to develop individual notation, syntax and semantic without programming effort.

    The training curriculum includes:
  • Setting up the implementation environment
  • Modelling language implementation (including classes, relations, attributes and attribute facets, model types)
  • Mechanisms & algorithms implementation (including core functions for model manipulation, configuration of ADOxx components, external coupling of ADOxx functionality and add-on implementation)
  • Software packaging and deployment

At the end of the training each participant is able to take home an individual installable and distributable software package.

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Recent material from an ADOxx Crash Course focusing on graphical notation and model processing can be downloaded here

Check out an overview of the ADOxx platform components and concepts as a design with CoChaCo and as a tree representation.

Why is ADOxx so efficient in developing modelling tools?

ADOxx is a development and configuration platform for implementing full-fledged modelling tools. It supports the implementation of individual modelling languages, modelling procedures and corresponding functionalities like visualisation, simulation, queries or transformation. ADOxx® applies the meta-modelling approach, thus enabling quick development of professional modelling tools. Implementation background is a configuration approach for the modelling language and a scripting approach for the functionalities. Resulting modelling tools are compiled from vast available functionalities like persistence, user management, a complete model editor, querying, simulation and import/export transformation as well as from scripted functionalities and individual add-on implementations.