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Digital Design Thinking using Scene2Model

Scene2Model is a modelling environment combining physical and digital modelling. This is achieved by offering an ADOxx-based modelling tool, domain-specific Scene2Model icon libraries and various usage settings to enable the recognition of physical objects (e.g., paper figures) and automatically transform them into a digital representation within a conceptual model.

Getting Started with Scene2Model

The following sections will allow you to get started with Scene2Model!

Introduction and Background

Developed initially in the context of the DIGITRANS project by the OMiLAB@University of Vienna node, the Scene2Model tool supports haptic modelling through paper figures and an automated transformation to digital conceptual models by applying image/QR recognition and semantic technologies. Since then in it was further developed within OMiLAB in the DigiFoF and FAIRWork EU-funded projects.

Further details on the Scene2Model project and its results are available here.

Digital Design Thinking using Scene2Model

Install Scene2Model Modelling Toolkit

Download and install on your local PC/Mac the latest release of the Scene2Model Modelling Toolkit. We provide the installation package for Microsoft Windows and MacOS (experimental release, utilizing Wine-based virtualisation).

S2M Windows Installation Package
S2M MacOS Installation Package
S2M Linux Installation Package

Packages for other operating systems are currently not provided.

Configure Domain-Specific Scene2Model Library

Configure Scene2Model with your own, domain-specific semantics and iconic representations. A Scene2Model Icon library contains the digital artefacts (images, photos) to be used during the digitalization.

To get you started, download the skeleton of the icon library and follow the steps outlined in the tutorial video. You have a great library ready? Share with us to extend the S2M library collection. Get in touch with us at s2m@omilab.org.

Empty Library
S2M Library Skeleton

Deploy Scene2Model Usage Settings

Depending on your setup, Scene2Model supports different settings to recognize the haptic elements as modelling objects. Select the adequate setting and install it in your environment.

Empty Library
Local QR Tag Recognition