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OMILAB@University of Bergamo

"Service and manufacturing operations management"

The OMiLAB node at the University of Bergamo is in the field of service and manufacturing operations management, with particular reference to data-driven service operations and smart manufacturing.

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About the OMILAB Node

The OMiLAB node at the University of Bergamo is in the field of service and manufacturing operations management, with particular reference to data-driven service operations and smart manufacturing. The objective of the node is to stimulate collaboration and cross-fertilization among students, researchers, and practitioners in designing and developing experiments and in the creation of new product-service solutions with the support of the available modelling tools and the related methodologies. Business process modelling and simulation for engineering and re-engineering of service and manufacturing processes are the main expertise of the node. The physical and virtual laboratory tools are exploited in founded project, research activities with companies as well as in academic and vocational training.


Process modelling and simulation, Product-Service systems operations, Data-drive Service engineering, Industrial Asset Management, Smart Manufacturing operations

About the Hosting Organisation

University of Bergamo (UNIBG) is an Italian University located in the Northern Lombardy. UNIBG is one of the newest universities in Italy, officially founded in 1968, thanks to the support of several funding associations and agencies coming from the business world. UNIBG strengths are the wide range of courses offered, the excellent use of the numerous laboratories available to students, the ambitious research centres, and the fact that the University operates in one of the most dynamic areas of Italy, from both a cultural and an economic viewpoint. The Engineering Campus has more than 10 000 square meters of laboratories, most of them financially supported by industries and firms of Northern Italy. More than 100 professors, researchers and PhD candidates, working in different fields of industrial engineering, compose the Department of Management, Information and Production Engineering. Within this department, the research Group on Industrial Systems Engineering, Logistics and Service operations (CELS) of the University of Bergamo provides studies, researches and technology transfer projects in the fields of Industrial Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Service Chain Management and Industrial Asset Management.

Have a virtual look at the OMiLAB!

Get an overview what this OMiLAB has accomplised! Selected results are presented below as a contribution to the global community:


Result: SEEM Tool

All further results of the OMiLAB Node are available at the portal provided and maintained by the organizer.

The following, selected activities are organized by the OMiLAB.

DigiFoF Project

The DIGIFOF project proposes a network of training environments where HEIs, enterprises and training insitutions come together to develop skill profiles, training concepts as well as materials for design aspects of the Factory of the Future (FoF).


NEMO Summer School

The NEMO Summer School Series focuses on addressing these challenges through modelling, both in theory and practice. How to define modelling with the ‘right’ level of abstraction and how to engineer suitable modelling tools is at the heart of the summer school. Prof. Cavalieri, director of the CELS, has been a speaker at the NEMO Summer School Series and joins the event every year in Vienna together with students from University of Bergamo.


The following cyber-physical resources are available at the OMILAB node:

Dobot Magician

The Dobot Magican demonstrates sorting and collaborative scenarios.

Makeblock mBot

This CPS is applied for service provision application scenarios.

Training Factory Industry 4.0

The training factory simulates a holistic production process from ordering process to production process to delivery process in digitalised and networked process steps.

Relevant publications of the OMILAB node: