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OMiLAB Network

OMiLAB Network

All network nodes share common tools and processes, while focusing on their individual core topic. Together we build a worldwide distributed laboratory with multi-disciplinary competences.

Global Network

OMiLAB Nodes

What are Nodes?

Each node is a dedicated research and experimentation space for the conceptualization, development and deployment of modelling methods, tools and models designed with them.

  • CPS Environment
  • Design Thinking
  • Modelling Tools
  • Research Projects
  • Educational Activities
  • Industry Projects
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We contribute structurally to the community

OMiLAB worldwide network of Nodes

The network offers both a physical and virtual space, each node is equipped with instruments to explore method creation and design, experiment with method engineering and deploy software tools.

An OMiLAB Node is thus a space to:


with peers, academics and experts from all over the world on topics related to conceptual modelling and modelling tool engineering.


ideas, extend existing concepts, methods and tools, apply modelling knowledge to new domains and innovative designs or technologies.


+ modelling methods;
+ tools;
+ design models
using the OMiLAB technological environment.

Become a part of our worldwide distributed laboratory!

Know About

How to Apply as an OMiLAB Node

Complete the
Application Form

and send it to us. If your have questions during the process of establishing your OMiLAB we are happy to support you.

Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

between your institution and the OMiLAB NPO agreeing on the terms and conditions of the cooperation.

Get your set-up package:

- The OMiLAB software package;
- Grants for students participating at the NEMO Summer School;
- Manuals and materials;
- On-site training.

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