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The ADOxx Metamodeling Platform: Concept, Architecture and Practice


Organizer: Dimitris Karagiannis, Wilfrid Utz
Date/Time: Sunday, September 15, 2019; 1/2 day
Location: MODELS 2019 Conference, Holiday Inn Munich – City Centre, Hochstrasse 3, 81669 Munich, Germany
The development of domain specific modeling languages has experienced a growing interest in the past years in industry and academia. This evolution can be attributed to the need to design, describe and analyze complex information systems in a coherent and consistent manner using a specific vocabulary and terminology from different background: model artefacts are not observed isolated anymore for a specific purpose, but need to be understood in the context of an organization ecosystem. In such an environment, domain specificity enables the modelers to express focused models using tailored domain concepts that are commonly understood by human stakeholders and at the after semantic transformation enable machine processing to generate model value. To enable such a setting, platform support for conceptual modeling is required that adapts iteratively to changing circumstances and domain needs.

This tutorial introduces the open-source metamodeling platform ADOxx as an experimentation environment for researchers and practitioners to realize individual meta-models and model processing functionalities for domain-specific conceptual modeling methods as modeling tools. Specific emphasis is given to the practical nature of the tutorial: participants are encouraged to realize their individual modeling tools in a hands-on setting and experiment with the capabilities of ADOxx to implement meta-models and model processing functionalities from scratch, specialize existing abstract fragments or compose and integrate available outcomes provided by the community. The prototypes realized as part of the tutorial are available thereafter for further refinement, assessment and evaluation.


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Part A: Concept and Foundation (45min)

The foundational part of the tutorial introduces the conceptual background on meta-modeling and conceptualization of domain-specific modeling methods. In order to demonstrate that models can not exclusively be used for software generation but can also create value, selected cases from the OMiLAB community are presented and demonstrated. These cases exemplify operational and tooling aspects.

Part B: Open ADOxx Architecture (45min)

In the second part of the tutorial the open architecture of ADOxx is introduced. The metamodeling platform supports the modeling method engineer to implement a new domain-specific meta-model through an interactive (UI support) and programmatic (declarative language support) approach or apply composition techniques to re-use existing fragments, realize model processing functionality through re-use, configuration, scripting and open extension patterns, define user interaction flows, and package and deploy the implementation results as a full-fledged modeling tool for evaluation and assessment.

Part C: Guided Practice (90min)

In the third and last part of the tutorial, the practical implications of the aforementioned concept and architecture parts are demonstrated in practice. Tutorial participants are guided through their individual implementation project demonstrating the platforms development services.

Tutorial Resources and Material


ADOxx Metamodelling Platform

Download and install the ADOxx Metamodelling Platform as a prerequisite for the tutorial.


AdoScript@Visual Studio Code

Download and install Microsoft Visual Studio Code and the AdoScript Extension


Tutorial Resources

Material (code snipplets, documentation and guidelines/how-tos) are provided for download.


ADOxx Documentation

The ADOxx Platform Documentation can be accessed for further details on the implementation and deployment approach.