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Challenging Innovation in Business Process Management-
OMiLAB’s Digital Innovation Environment in Action


Challenging Innovation in Business Process Management-
OMiLAB’s Digital Innovation Environment in Action

Organizer: BPM Symposium 2024
Date/Time: April 19, 2024
Location: University of Economics in Katowice, Poland
Business models in the digital age capture value from innovation and deliver it to customers as an intelligent offering that answers their needs. The interaction with networks of stakeholders that transcend an organization’s borders and work in globally distributed teams is common, driving the need for innovative co-creation and collaboration approaches for managing complex processes. The keynote provides insight into innovative possibilities for designing and processing models to elevate them from just documentation purposes.

Digital twins help organizations to act more efficiently over the entire BPM lifecycle. Two perspectives on the digital twin’s concept will be highlighted. First, for the design phase of the BPM lifecycle (i.e. process identification and discovery), namely the digital twins for design thinking, and second for the modelling and implementation phases (i.e. process analysis, re-design, and implementation), namely the digital process twins for driving model-value. Hence, the keynote will advocate the value of transforming process diagrams into digital process twins that are enriched with information and knowledge. The digital process twins enable the move from the as-is analysis through model-value functionality to innovative future processes.

These perspectives are supported by OMiLAB’s approach of connecting the business domain, as well as the virtual and digital world with physical devices, through models. These models are essential in connecting the innovation to its enterprise context and work environment as they capture relationships between different facets of the business ecosystem. Two examples are given for each perspective that facilitate knowledge externalization, common understanding by stakeholders, and mediation for the 'digital-first era' supported by the Scene2Model and Bee-Up software tools.


Wilfrid Utz is responsible for OMiLAB NPO, the non-profit organization headquartered in Berlin supporting the conceptual modelling community organized around emerging topics for domain-specific conceptual modelling. Wilfrid completed his PhD thesis in 2020 at the University of Vienna in the field of metamodel design and knowledge representation using conceptual structures. He has been involved in numerous international research and innovation projects and gained experience in the field of modelling method conceptualization, design, and implementation of modelling tools using the open ADOxx Metamodelling Platform ( His research and professional interest relate to knowledge representation using metamodeling concepts and platforms.


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