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FAIRWork@AI, Data, Robotics Forum 2023

Collaboration Event

FAIRWork@AI, Data, Robotics Forum 2023

Organizer: Adra
Date/Time: November 08, 2023
Location: Inria headquarters, close to Versailles France

FAIRWork participates at the AI, Data, Robotics Forum (ADRF) 2023 at the Inria headquarters near Versailles, France. We will be happy if you visit us at our poster during the ADRF exhibition, if your are participating. ADRF itself is an annual event which brings together leading innovators, leading experts, innovators and enthusiasts from the AI, Data and Robotics community. It is organised in cooperation by the AI, Data and Robotics Association (Adra), the AI, Data and Robotics ecosystem (Adra-e) and the European Commission.

In FAIRWork we foster the democratization of decision-making in production processes, hence the participation of all involved stakeholders, by introducing a decentralized AI system. Our Democratic AI-based Decision Support System (DAI-DSS) finds democratically the appropriate decision for a concrete situation during production. Each human or technical actor is represented by an agent who negotiates based on the current status provided by the digital shadow and twins. The future situation is predicted by AI algorithms for each individual actor considering the modelled knowledge base that defines each negotiation strategy. A multiple optimization algorithm finds the most appropriate solution considering the needs of all involved human and technical stakeholders.


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