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Specification of Use Case Requirements and Research Approach


Specification of Use Case Requirements and Research Approach

Organizer: Joanneum Research
Date/Time: March 31, 2023 13:30 - 14:00 CET
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In this webinar the partners of the FAIRWork project will provide an overview on the design thinking approach for creating user requirements. Afterwards, we explain the chosen overall methodology of creating complex decision-making. In this part we give an overview on relevant concepts for the research direction and implementation of such complex decision-making by using AI services. Technical concepts for a concrete implementation such as digital knowledge base, digital twin, and digital shadow will be discussed as well. Finally, an explanation of the orchestration of decision-making processes by using micro-services will be presented.



FAIRWork Design Thinking Approach for Collecting the User Requirements

  • Christian Muck (OMiLAB)

A short explanation of the user requirement approach is given.

Overall FAIRWork’s Methodology and Research Approach

  • FAIRWork Consortium

This block discusses the key concepts and outlines the research approach.

Initial Outline of the FAIRWork’s Architecture

  • Herwig Zeiner (Joanneum Research)

This block discusses the first outline of the architecture.