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1st Workshop on Domain-specific Modeling Methods and Tools - OMiLAB Nodes experience & knowledge exchange (OMILAB-KNOW)

Scientific workshop

1st Workshop on Domain-specific Modeling Methods and Tools - OMiLAB Nodes experience & knowledge exchange (OMILAB-KNOW)

Date/Time: September 15, 2023
Location: University of Camerino - Ascoli Piceno, Italy
The goal of the workshop is to stimulate discussions on the requirements, use, design decisions, tooling and evaluations regarding domain-specific conceptual modeling methods in the context of Business Informatics Research.

Discussions will be facilitated by the current activities and experiences of nodes in the OMiLAB network and community of practice [1], including lessons learned from recent projects where modeling methods played an enabling role [2-3]. Results from the network members [4-9] typically include modeling tools, modeling method components or extensions, model-driven artifacts, applications of domain-specific modeling, empirical evaluation strategies. OMiLAB nodes are invited to share such results, as well as visions potentially leading to such results.

Both empirical experimentation insights [10] and design-oriented research [11] are welcome. The integration of conceptual modeling topics in curricular contents and associated teaching experiences [12] are also typical concerns for the workshop’s scope.

The workshop also welcomes researchers and educators from outside the OMiLAB network who are active in the fields of knowledge engineering, enterprise modeling and domain-specific modeling, having a general interest in the value of conceptual models and the diversity of modeling purposes. Knowledge exchanges with other modeling-centric communities are expected to drive debates and positions with diverse perspectives.

Various stages of research progress can be reported in the workshop submissions - from (short) position and vision papers to (full) research papers and experience reports.


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Further information in relation to the papers and presentation is available online at the links provided above.