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OMiLAB Book Series

Domain-Specific Conceptual Modelling


The book draws new attention to domain-specific conceptual modelling by presenting the work of thought leaders who have designed and deployed modelling methods. It provides hands-on guidance on how to build models in specific application domains. In addition to these results, it also puts forward ideas for future developments. All this is enriched with exercises, case studies, detailed references and further related information.

All domain-specific methods described in this book also have a tool implementation in the OMiLAB Tool section, which has been made available by the OMiLAB Node Vienna – a dedicated research and experimentation space for modelling method engineering.

The domains addressed by the modelling methods and tools contained in this book are:

  • Modelling Method Conceptualization
  • Big Data
  • Business Process Management
  • Business and Process Transformation
  • Enterprise Information Systems
  • Enterprise Strategic Management
  • Internet of Things
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Production Management Systems
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Service Science: Social Implications
  • Technology Enhanced Learning

The collection of works presented here will benefit experts and practitioners from academia and industry alike, including members of the conceptual modelling community as well as lecturers and students.
To get access to the book and its chapters, please visit “Springer Publishing”