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SOM tutorial video on YouTube

A first tutorial video showcasing the usage of the new SOM modeling tool based on ADOxx version 1.5 is now available on YouTube.

SOM Tutorial Video I

Troubles while using the tool? Please reply to this thread!

Kind regards,

- Dominik Bork

SOM 3.0 released

Version 3.0 of the SOM modelling tool has been released today. It is the first modeling tool realized with version 1.5 of the ADOxx meta modeling platform. The tool can be downloaded here.

Major improvements according to usability of the tool have been realized. The tool will be extensively used by the University of Bamberg and the Virtual University of Bavaria.

Any feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks,

- Dominik

Second Prototype Released

Today, the second prototype of the SOM modelling tool is being released within the Open Models Initiative.

In contrast to the first prototype, the second prototype is not limited to SOM business process modelling anymore. Instead, it is possible to transform the SOM business process model into:
- a Schema of Conceptual Classes,

- a Schema of Task Classes,

- a BPMN schema.

Using the second prototype, it is also possible to create context-aware business process models.

Feel free to download the installer here and start modelling according to the SOM methodology.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

- Domenik Bork

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