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(Regensburg University Process Excellence and

Reengineering Toolkit)

RUPERT is a tool which supports the systematic conduction of quality management projects that aim at process improvement. The tool builds on the so-called BPI Roadmap, which consists of well-established and easy to use BPI techniques that are beneficial for any improvement project in the service sector as well as in production industries. The major strength of the BPI Roadmap (resp. RUPERT) lies in the interdependencies between the BPI techniques. Thus, the results produced by a technique always build on the output generated by another technique in a prior step. By that, consistent and valuable results are created in a project. In RUPERT, each technique is designed as a conceptual model type. Model types allow to visualize the results generated and facilitate their communication, documentation and processing.



Area of application:

RUPERT can be used in any quality management project in the service as well as production sector that aims at a systematic improvement of business processes. The techniques of the BPI Roadmap are well-suited for being applied in workshops enabling group discussions and the development of creative solutions. The results are visualized as conceptual models which support an easy documentation, communication and processing.

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